Pura d’or Haircare

I am always looking for a new hair product; the more organic (containing no additives being the goal) the better. We have been trying out the great products from Pura d’or this week and couldn’t be happier!  I have been using “enriching shampoo” and I am truly noticing a difference.  This shampoo is safe for all types and is color safe; it is naturally healing all that ails me.  Argan Oil is nourishing and building healthy hair cells.  Tea Tree Oil is a wonderful scalp treatment ( I suffer from eczema and adore the quality of a tea tree oil application).  Biotin builds “hair muscle”.  Lavender oil is soothing my irritated scalp, and finally Ylang Ylang oil promotes healthy growth.  All of these things combined bring your hair to a whole new level and after only 2 days I feel like I am well on my way to better hair health!  All Pura d’or products are gluten-free, paraben free and contain no harmful sulfates.  I have been pairing this up with their “Healing Conditioner” which smells simply delightful (all day my hair shines and remains smooth and easy to manage!  Lavender oil smooths and nourishes my scalp, vanilla extract controls the frizz (such a problem!) and Argan Oil once again is making my hair stronger one shower at a time.  These fine products retail for between $20-$25 making them the perfect spa/valentines treat!  I may have to try out their “Scalp Therapy Shampoo” next in my goal to heal my poor and dry scalp!  Please check out these products by visiting https://www.purador.com/.

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