Voice Of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer

As Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Monday, January 18th, I thought it a perfect time to read Carole Boston Weatherford’s book Voice Of Freedom: Fannie Lou Hamer: Spirit Of The Civil Rights Movement to my children.  Fannie Lou Hamer was known as a hero of the Civil Rights Movement whether she involved herself in protest marches, sit-ins or providing voter training.  These things came with a huge price tag: she was hurt, served prison time and even had dangerous things happen at her home.  I love how this book provides the wonderful story of her life through beautiful art work (Ekua Holmes) and through her very own words.  The book begins with a brief description of her childhood (she was one of 20 children) who grew up in Mississippi.  Her family worked day and night in the fields longing for a fair and better life.  As her siblings moved up North, Hamer stayed back to care for her elderly mother.  I just want to stop and mention once again the artwork in this book: so rich in color and detail; it truly contributes to telling the story so well.  Fannie went on to marry Perry Ham or “Pap” and continued her hard-work and devotion.  Hamer could see how hard and long the equal rights process would be; she paid fines and put up with beatings and abuse yet she kept on going.  This book is truly rich in history; it tells the story of the 60’s so well; it was basically a lesson for my children that they did not see as such.  Hamer was known by Malcolm X as “the country’s number one freedom-fighting woman” and I can see why.  She never gave up; even ran for political office and always knew the cause was worth the fight.  Please check out “Voice Of Freedom”.  It is a wonderful, inspiring book that will be a great addition to your family library.

voice of freedom

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