Purple Plum Goodiegram Greetings and Gifts

image of several Goodiegram Greeting cards from Purple Plum (with goodies)

A unique and fun surprise is what you get when you send a Goodiegram Greeting card. Receiving a card in this age of technology is sweet, however when you get a Purple Plum Goodiegram Greeting card, not only are you receiving a card but also a goodie with your card. Whether it’s chocolate pearls or mixed nuts, this sweet surprise will be the most memorable greeting card and will definitely wow the recipient.

Purple Plum offers greeting cards, gift jars, party platters, and pouch gift sets for many occasions. Great for client gifts during the holidays or to send to friends.

Each card is 7.25 inches by 5.25 inches and .625 inches thick. Also, every card gives you a full view of the packaged candies with the cute cutout. A special holiday greeting comes in the card as well. It’s a great way to distinguish yourself and be remembered.

The gifts are packaged very nicely and are very appealing. My son wanted to try it because he said it looked so good. Make sure your kids know that this is a gift and not to dig in, or hide it well. The gummy bears come in different shaped see-through gift jars, such as a tree or bear, or even a skeleton for Halloween.

The company claims it is of great quality; I checked and it was scrumptious!

I love the idea of the housewarming gift in the shape of the house. I would keep that in mind for a closing real estate or a housewarming gift.

Check out all the goodies and gift ideas on Purple Plum’s website.



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