Quick and Easy Gadgets for Camping

Not only is it summertime, but it is camping season. The summer is when we take out all our camping gear and go rough it.  I must admit I am not the “roughing it” type, so anything that makes my camping experience easier is greatly appreciated.  That said, here are three gadgets that are guaranteed to aid in my camping experience or at least making me look 15% manlier than I did before I started.


On the left, you’ll see the Thermapen ONE, which provides a one-second reading to tell if your meat is at the preferred temperature. You take that metal prong and jab it into your meat, and immediately, it will tell you exactly what the temperature is. This makes cooking on an open fire easier to handle.  Open fire cooking is temperamental because you don’t know the grill’s temperature, and it is hard to sear and shift to continue cooking.  The Thermapen ONE is easy to use and gives an immediate reading which is great since I’d rather not hang out too close to the fire.


In the middle is the TACTICA M.20 Camping Card Tool. This multipurpose tool has a bottle opener, universal wrench (6 sizes), screwdriver, package opener, and metric/imperial ruler. Bringing this camping eliminates many individual things to pack. I actually keep it in my wallet, and it has come in handy not just camping but helping a friend who needs just the right tool for a specific situation.  It is powerful and lightweight and won’t scratch other items you are carrying. My favorite thing is that it is TSA compliant. I had an officer take away another multipurpose tool from me because it was not TSA compliant, and I saw him put it in his pocket! The TACTICA M.20 will never leave my


On your right you’ll see some of the latest from Gentlemens Hardware. I absolutely love these items because they look so cool. The Gentlemen’s Hardware 10-in-1 Pocket Axe Multi-Tool includes 10 different tools and  I mean who would not want to hold an axe in their hand! The Soap On A Rope – Crooner looks just like a vintage microphone while being high-quality vegan soap. You’ll see the credit card tool in front of the trademark enamel mug, which is 10 trusted little tools in one credit card shape.



In the next picture you’ll see the Oh Sh*t Kit from Rafi Nova.  It’s a kit with everything you quickly and easily need in case you scream “Oh Sh*t” as a parent. Bumps, bruises, cuts, charging cord… check. I threw in my masks and was good to go. It’s a convenient case and a great grab-and-go system.   I love that it’s packed exceptionally well and has an accessible and wide assortment, plus it fits right in the middle car section by the driver.

Considering I need all the help I can get, I feel that all these products will help me survive with ease and style!


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