Quick and Healthy Foods You Can Order Right Now

Quick and Healthy Foods

Laconiko Ultra Premium 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We all know olive oil is one of the healthiest oils and Laconiko Ultra Premium 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great tasting one. It has a grassy and deep flavor and has won many awards. The Black Truffle infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great for dipping warm crusty bread. You can cook with them but I think they are better suited in dressings and cold dishes to appreciate the flavor.






Sky Valley

I love sauces that make quick dinners easy and delicious but sometimes it is hard to find a sauce that is relatively healthy. Sky Valley sauces are organic and low in sodium. They have a variety of international sauces such as Mexican Mole, Taco Sauce, and Hoisin Sauce. They are full-flavored and can be spicy!






Litehouse Herbs


Herbs are an important part of many dishes and I don’t always have fresh herbs on hand because they can be very perishable and I often do not use the whole amount bought. Ground spices will do in a pinch but Litehouse Herbs are way better. They are freeze-dried and have more flavor than their flaky and powdered versions. Two of my favorites are basil and garlic.





Organic India


So these aren’t exactly foods but they will make your drinks super healthy and extra yummy. Pre and probiotic powders are all the rage as they both promote gut health. Organic India makes a variety of pre and probiotic powders that enhance the flavor of your drinks. Psyllium Pre & Probiotic Fiber Cinnamon Spice is great in coffee and Psyllium Pre & Probiotic Fiber Orange is great in fruit smoothies. Organic India also makes super healthy teas like their Tulsi Turmeric Ginger that taste great cold as well as hot.




Little Potato Company


I love roasted potatoes but they aren’t really quick. The Little Potato Company has packaged creamer potatoes with a seasoning pack and they are ready in five minutes. These potatoes come in different flavors like Lemon and Garden Herb and Tomato and Basil. I really love the Lemon and Garden Herb. They are super creamy and the seasoning tastes fresh. You can use as little as you want and add healthy olive oil after they are cooked. They don’t have the texture of roasted potatoes but for five minutes prep time, they are amaz










KA-ME makes high-quality Asian products to make cooking at home a breeze. Their products include canned vegetables, noodles, and a variety of sauces. My favorite is the Pad Thai Sauce.

All the noodles are high quality and the Soba Stir-Fry Noodles can be microwaved for an even quicker meal. The best part is that they are great recipes on the packaging as well as the website.







A Dozen Cousins


A Dozen Cousins makes ready to heat prepared bean dishes. They come in microwavable pouches for quick consumption. They are non-GMO, vegan, and are naturally gluten-free. I love the international flavors such as Trini Chickpea Curry and Cuban Black Beans. These beans taste fresh as if you had the time and don’t forget  to soak them overnight.