Drakes Organic Spiked Ice For The Weekend Win!

Summer is here people and this quarantine mom couldn’t be more excited.  Time to at least use all this outdoor time to good advantage and have some beach time with just one close friend.  I was packing the cooler and this week amongst the water and fruit I added in these delightful “flavor ice”style tubes of your favorite cool adult beverage.  Drakes Organic Spirits brings us Organic Spiked Ice and the flavors are simply amazing.  You cannot have just one which is the problem LOL.

I have all of them I’m embarrassed to admit and they are fabulous.  Watermelon Martini, Vodka Lemonade (my fave), Mango Rum Punch and Classic Mojito are your options.  These are just 80 calories each and feature only the best in organic spirits from Drakes.  All you do is freeze and pop in the cooler and you are ready.  The quality of this company is simply amazing by the way.  Their vodka for example is gluten-free, vegan, kosher friendly and USDA certified organic.  This means clean taste and clean ingredients all the way.  No artificial flavors or colors here either in these products.  I’m telling you; one trip to their website and you will change your liquor purchases for the future.

Also important to report is the fact that they have responded amazingly to the pandemic with their own liquid sanitizers as well.  This is 80% alcohol antiseptic and can be purchased for individual use as well as gallons/sprayers etc.  Made in the USA so let us support them!