Race Track Toy & Activity Play Table

image of Race Track Play Table by Delta ChildrenI babysit for my really cute baby cousins and I get to play with some pretty fun toys.  The last time I watched the boys it was a rainy day so I had to come up with something fun indoors that kept their interest and imaginations going. They had this great Race Track Toy and Activity Play Table made by  Delta Children ($120).  This table is really cute and I will admit I am a little jealous that my brother and I didn’t have one of these when we were younger.

The table has great tracks that work with all your favorite brand cars. There are cute underpass cutouts too that the boys loved using.  It comes with this cool and easy-to-use lid that turns the table into an activity table. We used it for coloring and puzzles after we were done racing our cars.  Also, a really good amount of storage space is provided under the lid.  My aunt says that is her favorite part—that the kids can play and then the “mess” gets kept inside the table, so the room isn’t a mess all the time.  Also, the table comes with plastic bins on the sides for additional storage. The colors and designs are really great too!  And the height of the table is perfect for them.

Check the Race Track Toy and Activity Play Table out, as well as their other quality tables!