Mudpuppy Stickable Shapes – The toy that changed bath time into shower time!

image of a package of Mudpuppy stickable bath shapes stuck to shower wall

We have figured out how to get our toddler into a shower!

Okay, so every parent I have talked to has told me the same. Just like my son, their child loves baths way more than showers. To the point that some of them (and ours was a prime example), just right out refuse to take a shower.

And as much as I am happy that our son got clean in the bath, and had a fun time, I was desperate to get him into a shower. Showers are quicker, clean you more thoroughly, and are better for the environment. Not to mention that knowing how to take an efficient shower is a lifelong skill that every kid should learn. Showers are just more present in any of the future places my child will live.

In came the Mudpuppy Stickable Bath Shapes! I know, I know, they are called bath shapes, but they stick perfectly to a shower wall too! And they’re made of foam.

image of Mudpuppy stickable shapes stuck to shower wall along with mesh bag

We made a big deal out of adding the Mudpuppy Stickable Shapes to the shower. We emphasized that the little shapes “live in the shower” and cannot play anywhere else. And he loved it! He now takes regularly a shower and really enjoys sticking his little friends all over the wall and door of the shower. Meanwhile, he is learning how to take a shower and gets into bed almost 30 minutes earlier!

Mudpuppy bath shapes 3

As a mom, I love that the shapes come with a mesh bag that sticks to the wall where they can air dry so that any chance of mold is avoided! Not to mention they can be put away by our child and look organized.

You can get this fun toy from the official site of Mudpuppy, or from Amazon for $14.99.