Radixir Anti-Aging Products

image of radixir anti-aging products

We have to face it – we are not as young as we used to be.  Our crazy, hectic lives really show this too!  I am always excited to try out a new anti-aging skincare product with this great review gig of mine so when I landed this awesome box of goodies from Radixir I knew I was in good hands.

Here is what I am loving:

Confidence Moisturizer ($85): This is great for under my makeup.  Can be used day or night.  I actually recommend both.  It is very nice for those who suffer from sensitive skin; it doesn’t make you oily or feel heavy on your face.   I am noticing a reduction in redness and feel kind of a glow going here.

Confidence Serum ($65):  Okay, so this is like awesome in a bottle.  I personally use this at night.  I put about 1-2 drops on my face and neck at night prior to moisturizing.  This is bringing a nice, soft glow to my skin.

Ice Globes ($39):  I am in LOVE with this product.  Here is what you do.  Put the globes in the freezer for about 30 minutes.  Then you roll them over your skin in slow strokes.  I use them under my eyes to reduce puffiness.  I use them on my neck to help with circulation, tension, and my jawbone.  Totally can see a change in my tired skin.  This is such a super easy thing to add to your routine.

Check out Radixir anti-aging skincare products!