Summer Stuff You need!

Ok so here is where my job really makes me happy.  I get all these opportunities to try out seasonal items and then tell you about them. This week alone I was handed amazing items that make beach and pool time a breeze!  Check these out!

Beach Tech Towelso this is a fantastic way to utilize this great beach towel that is super thin and folds easily but also dries really fast.  It feels so soft; like suede but doesn’t seem to get hot at all.  There is also this really awesome pocket I am loving that holds my cell phone and cash so that when the kids want icecream or I want to snap a cute ocean pic I am all ready to go.  I really think its magic; it seems to absorb moisture and the sand doesn’t stick to it.  Honestly; I will never come to the beach without it again.

Next up: we are seriously people who burn to no avail; like no matter what the SPF it just doesn’t matter.  I am always on the hunt for something new and exciting in the world of skincare and I am in excellent hands with NeoStrata Matrix Support with sunscreen SPF 30($72).   This couldn’t have arrived at a better time!  Now the entire line of skincare products is committed to anti-aging; restoring, refining and elightening!  So basically, I lather up my sensitive skin before exposing myself to the summer elements and while I am being protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays I am also ensuring my skins stay firm and antioxidized.  This is a MUST addition to your daily skin regimine.  I will never go back to another product.

Next up; the shower once you get home from the beach.  We have been tying the wonderful bodywashes and body lotions from Kneipp,  This is a vegan line of products that are totally free from paraffin, preservatives and silicone oils.  These are luxurious I promise you!  Their “Endless Summer” and “Summer Mood” ($10 on sale now!) are packed with essential oils and smell so terrific.  Check these products out for you and your family ASAP.

For the hair I have two products to recommend.  Heat and humidity will do a number to your hair and mine is frizzy to begin with.  This week I tried Color Proof’s “CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment Masque” ($48) which you just run through your hair after shampoo, leave in for a few minutes and then wash out.  You can also try their “RadicallySmooth Anti-Frizz Serum” ($28) that you leave in for extra calm and control.  I love the vitamins and oils these products are adding back into my hair.  All too often I damage my hair with the excessive drying and straightening I do.  I have smooth and shiny hair again!  Oh and these are absolutely color safe products!

For my daughter who is very blonde and loves the sand and sun I am trying out Macadamia’s “Endless Summer After Sun Leave-In Spray” ($12).  This refreshes her hair after a day in the rays.  Just spray in and comb through after the shower.  Totally free of parabens/gluten/sulfates.  There is a whole “endless summer collection” that you may want to grab since we are fully out of school and into the sun!  If you need something that will keep your style in place and keep out the humidity then check out their “Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray” ($20).  This is your go-to summer hairspray in my opinion.  Kept the summer frizz out and kept my curls in place.  So awesome, that when I use this spray I swear it is also softening my hair which is crazy for a hold spray!  Very awesome quality!

Ok: so I helped you with towels, sunblock, body wash and hair products…you better go shopping!

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