ColorShot Upgrade Your Home Decor!

When I put away the Christmas decorations I am always inspired to do a little sprucing up of the home decor.  Maybe a few new pillows, or a new shower curtain – just a few subtle changes that make me feel like my house looks fresh for the New Year.

I am simply loving my experience with a sample of ColorShot premium spray paint I received.  This is really easy to use and long lasting vibrant colors.  The gloss is second to none and it contains paint and primer all in one.  You can use on wood, metal and plastic items.  It is perfect for crafting!  They have an amazing array of shades – colors you do not always see as options.  I have “stiletto” red which is kind of a bright red.  You must check out how many blue/green options they have.  You will be way on your way for Spring!

They don’t even just stop at a can of spray paint.  They also offer acrylic paint and paint marker options.  You will feel better knowing that these products do not contain toxic dryers like Xylene, Benzene and Toluene.  It is actually better for the enviroment; this innovative company uses a propellant derived from sugar cane!  So impressive as we roll into 2020!

Check them out – exclusively available at Home Depot!

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