Review: Absolutely Gluten Free

Where are my gluten free peeps?!?  My son happens to be someone who has to watch their gluten intake so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to try out the amazingly delicious products from Absolutely Gluten Free.  Product options include crackers, cauliflower pizza crust, flatbreads and snacks.

Here is what we are enjoying:

Grain Free Flatbreads – they come in original and everything.  They are super crispy and yummy.  Ingredients include tapioca starch, potato starch, palm oil, honey, egg yolks and more.

Grain Free Crackers – these are light and really good.  I enjoy them for lunch with tuna salad on top.  They are also made with wholesome ingredients like tapioca, potato and eggs.  Very good and my son also likes them (he is a picky teenager).

Grain Free Coconut Chews – how about a sweet to end your hectic day?  Ok these are delicious.  You can get cranberry, blueberry, chocolate drizzle you name it.  They are super moist and come in these individually wrapped packages so you can take them anywhere with zero mess.  They are the perfect combo of coconut meets chocolate and you have none of the guilt associated with other cookies.  These are Paleo friendly, Vegan friendly and contain no eggs/dairy/soy.

You cannot believe these items are gluten=free I promise you.  We have tried so many other brands and never anything where the quality comes close to Absolutely Gluten Free.
Please check them out!