Review: Great CBD Beauty Musts!

I love getting to try new CBD products that make my skin look younger!  Check out a few we are loving right now:

Prismatic Plants: these are amazing CBD blends that will help get your peaceful, energized focus on for your work/school day and then at night help you get a nice, rejuvenating sleep!  I have tried both and couldn’t be happier with the results.  These help with stress and anxiety and also boost your immune system.  The mini set pictured above is $35 (other options available as well).

Up Nature Essential Oil Blends: These are 100% pure and premium essential oils.  There are no fillers at all like other brands; these are undiluted and unblended.  So many great options that come in many different sizes and styles (dropper, roller etc.)  I am loving their 2oz bottle of Shield which boosts your defenses, soothes cough symptoms, fights germs and can actually be used in your own DIY hand soap.  This is cassia, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus and lemon.  The smell is fantastic.

CBD Me by Eco Lips: these lip balms are the “BOMB”.  They are made with sustainably grown CBD, organic hemp seed oil and organic coconut oil/cocoa butter.  I love the quality; I will pretty much never use another brand again.  You need to stock up on these for the chapped lip cold weather heading our way!  My lips are super soft!  I love their lavender orange, the hubby loves the lavender mint and if flavor/scent isn’t your thing you can always grab the natural.  The cost is $7.99 for a tube.

Dr. Fossum’s Pet Care: for your furry family member; please check them out.  They offer products for dogs/cats/horses and you will love the quality.  The Hemp Extract ($49.99-$129.99) is so great for their immunity and joints.  Easy to administer with their peanut butter flavoring that your doggie will love!  The Manuka Honey Wound Therabee ($24.99) is your first aid kit for any wounds/cuts/sores/burns.  It helps heal the wound, reduce any pain and minimize scarring.  Cognicaps ($59.99) will boost brain function, cognitive function and support nerve cells and brain activity.  Easy to administer; just one capsule in the AM and the PM.

Check these great products out!