All Phenoms Beverages Review

image of three All Phenoms beverages - superboost, motivate, and daily

Many of us enjoy “energy drinks” to help fuel us through our chaotic and busy lives.  We were sent some samples of the great Sparkling Beverages from All Phenoms this week and want to share them with you since we are really enjoying them.

What are they? These are wellness blends great for your body and mind.  The sparkling water is perfect to keep you hydrated. They contain organic fruit for great taste and nutrients and pre- and probiotics for gut health.  They contain awesome vitamins for your overall wellness. Mushrooms, Nootropics, and Adaptogens for your mind and mood.  Really, you get a complete package of awesomeness here.

We sampled their Variety Pack which contains all three options I am going to tell you about below:

Motivate – This is your energy blend for helping with focus.  It is made with purified sparkling water, organic lemon juice, and ginger.  It has 78mg of caffeine, Vitamin B, Organic Green Tea, and L Theanine.  Delicious and a really good energy boost without the bad stuff.

Superboost – This one I am loving since we are in full swing into cold/flu/whatever this season.  It contains coconut water, organic blueberry juice, and organic mint.  Full of prebiotics, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Elderberry.  Just delicious and amazing for boosting your body.

Daily – This one is your everyday go-to.  It contains sparkling water, organic pineapple, and mango.  You also get vitamins/minerals, pre/pro-biotics, and adaptogens.  The whole package really.

They are good for you and taste great!  Check out All Phenoms!