Aprico Review

image of a package of Aprico products

I am always on the hunt for products that will help improve my health and immunity.  Certainly, I don’t have to tell you…this germy world is relentless, it seems! Aprico offers amazing supplements that actually absorb into your body so you feel the boost of health that you may be searching for.  Super impressive science going on here!

We received and are very impressed with these items:

Everyday Stress Relief Drops ($45): These are a fast-acting blend of organic, TCH-free hemp paired with L-Theanine.  This is lemon and mint goodness that brings my body straight to relaxation.  They are plant-based and totally safe to use.  Best to take on an empty stomach.  I really see a difference when I need to.

Sleep Easy Drops ($45): To begin with, these are a literal dream come true.  This is fast-acting hemp with GABA, L-Theanine, melatonin, and lavender.  I sometimes cannot get my mind and body to rest after a stressful workday, and these really do the trick.  I actually know my brain is switching gears and calming down so I can get into a healthy sleep cycle and routine.  Easy to take; best on an empty stomach.

Immunity Shots ($48 for a box of 12): Finally, this one…my absolute favorite.  These are packed with Vitamins A, D, C, K, and elderberry!  This will do wonders for building our immunity to all the badness we keep hearing about out there!  They taste pretty delicious and come in these cute tiny bottles that you can easily take with you wherever the day may take you.

These products are so easy to take and the nutrients are absorbed right where they need to go! Check out Aprico today!