Review: beurre shea butter skincare

The winter is just brutal and my skin is really suffering.  I feel like no matter how many times a day I use one of my hand creams I just cannot get enough moisture back into my skin.

I was treated this week to experience the great products from beurre and couldn’t be happier!  Each and every item was quality and basically a “spa like experience” in the comfort of my home.  The product line is cold-pressed vegan and their main ingredient is 100% raw and unrefined Shea Butter.

Here are a few of their items we adore:

Shea Butter Body Cream Vanilla ($28): this is warm vanilla creaminess that you simply must have on your nightstand.  I feel like it is so quick to absorb into my skin and actually calms me down so I can rest after a hard day’s work.  I use this daily after my PM shower before bed.

 Body Oil ($24): this oil works for all skin types.  I do not usually enjoy body oils but this one I am making an exception.  You get immediate scents of elderflower, rose, geranium and lemon verbena.  This oil is packed with vitamins and does not feel greasy or clog your pores at all.  I was really surprised; I thought I would feel gross and oily all day and honestly I felt rejuvenated and hydrated! I apply this in the morning as part of my get ready routine.

Shea Butter Body Cream Lavender ($28): same luxury body cream as the vanilla but legit can be your post shower BFF.  This is fast absorbing, tension reducing, calming body cream.  I love that it works for sensitive skin too!  

Shea Butter Eczema Cream ($28):  my daughter is a eczema sufferer so I was excited to have her check it out.  This cream immediately attacks your dry and irritated skin.  Honestly; you don’t even have to have a condition like eczema, psoriasis or rosacea – if you have really dry skin like me it would be a perfect solution as well.  I mean…who doesn’t have dry skin right now with the constant hand washing and hand sanitizer use.  Apply it daily; you will for sure see a difference like we are!

Check these and all their other great products out for yourself!