TAOS-Aer – All Natural Skincare

Winter always has this girl looking for new and pampering skin care products.  I felt like Christmas came back when I received some product samples from TAOS-Aer this past week.

Here is what we are testing out and loving:

Palo Santo Blood Orange Deodorant ($19):  This was the perfect deodorant to receive at the perfect time for my two teenagers.  This gel glides on super smooth and dries almost immediately with no stickiness at all.  It is completely waterless and contains no fillers.  Ingredients are organic sunflower, beeswax and oils galore.  Everything is 100 percent natural.  You only need a tiny bit!  The first thing we noticed was how creamy and dreamy it is!  We feel clean and really comfortable all day long.  And that is saying a lot since I get up at 6 AM and work in a busy and stressful environment for 9 plus hours while my daughter who also is using it goes to school and afterward sports.  We all have what we need for the day!  Citrus Vetivert is also available ($21) – same concept.  Plant active and powder formula.  Same silky gel slide on.  Other amazing fragrance options as well.  Mini options also available for around $12.

Organic Lip Balm ($16): this came at the perfect time.  My winter cold dry lips have been thanking me all week.  This is USDA certified organic and contains jojoba and organic prickly pear.  It is super light and totally not greasy at all.  I kind of adore the peppermint scent (perfect for winter) and I kept both samples for myself; this girl is just NOT sharing this awesomeness!

Check them out!