Withings Body Scale

I have been a rather big fan of Withings scales for quite some time. If you’ve never had a smart scale, it is a rather different thing.

Smart Scales Track Your Progress

You are never likely to actually write down your weight either on people or in an app. It’s just not a realistic goal. See, the advantage of a smart scale is that it does it for you.

Even though it’s a very simplistic process it is just really not in any busy mom’s schedule. The advantage here is that the second you get off the scale it syncs right to your app and thereby writes to your Health app or the such.

If you are weighing yourself regularly and even gives that tracking and graph which will show you your weight progress.

Smart Scales Can Now Track More than Weight

What makes this Withings in particular quite amazing is that it tracks everything from body mass, to water weight, to muscle mass. This extra data gives a much better picture of your overall health. Weight itself really doesn’t matter on its own as a variable. Sometimes the bigger picture can be body mass and other factors.


Overall I find this Withings to be exceptionally well designed and well built. The set-up took me literally under two minutes and it was quite easy to get moving. In addition, I found it to be a really good-looking scale. But lastly, the extra data is quite useful and I feel it gives a much better picture of one’s overall health.

At this point, I have to say I feel it’s basically a mandate for any house where you’re even slightly health-conscious. It’s simple and easy and yet can hold you accountable for the difference in your health tracking.

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