Review: Bulk Homme Men’s Skincare

How about some awesome men’s products.  The main guy in my life is sort of not into this.  He does his brush teeth/shave/shower routine but when I suggest any skincare regime he kind of makes a face.  We just got some wonderful products from Bulk Homme to check out and I finally got him to take my comments seriously.  And guess what…he is loving them.  Such a difference!

The products contain plant-based ingredients and I love how sustainable they are!  There is this simple, “no frills” design to their packaging which limits waste and unnecessary use of plastics.

Here is what he is loving:

The Face Wash ($23):  this is a luxurious foaming daily cleanser that will leave your skin feeling healthier.  It gets rid of all the days dirt and excess oil.  Couldn’t be easier – lather foam, massage into skin, rinse off.

The Toner ($32):  this will hydrate and keep moisture in.  Excellent for soothing skin after shaving.  Very easy to use; just rub into face and massage into skin until all absorbed.

The Lotion ($32):  here we are preventing dry skin and keeping the moisture in without any greasy aftermath.  I love how super light it is; very subtle manly smell as well.  It doesn’t clog pores and is the perfect “dessert” to the shaving process.

Great hair products are available as well; please check them out for the main man in your life!