Song E Napoli – Portrait of a Chef Filled with Love

A Neapolitan Italian restaurant is located right on West Houston Street, just south of Greenwich village. It’s an unassuming restaurant that you might pass as just a typical pizza parlor. It has a few tables and an array of decorations.

It’s small, tight, and intimate.

Indeed, you will find Ciro, the owner, operator, and head chef. His personality makes this restaurant, and it’s his personality that is the polar opposite of the size of his unassuming treasure.

Ciro is filled with love. He has a passion for food. To make his food extra special, he orders as many ingredients as he can straight from Italy. The cost is irrelevant to him as all that’s important to him is the quality of the products: Buffalo mozzarella and Parmesan straight from Italy, even olive oil from Sicily. There is no problem in spending to get the correct ingredients to make sure his food is precise to his standards.


When it comes to love, he has a lot of love for his workers. Calling them his workers is doing a disservice as they are his family to him. While most restaurants rotate new workers every three to six months, most of the team has been with him for years. Some have followed Ciro and have worked by his side for as long as a decade. Seeing them interact is like watching a well-oiled machine. Knowing each other and how they work makes it easier for them to go in a  perfect flow and synchronicity to make this small restaurant run ridiculously efficiently. If you saw how many GrubHub orders they processed without even breaking a sweat, you’d be impressed.


And lastly, there is this love of the customer and people in general. Ciro is the type of man that you see and just want to hug. He has a personality that is so boisterous and so incredible that you want to be his friend. He is filled with this love so people can appreciate his food and in turn, this beautiful restaurant.


Overall, this is your place. Was the food incredible? Of course, it was. He has a certificate of international recognition by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, certifying you are getting the real deal. Many return patrons were telling their friends, “This is the best pizza in the city.” I wholeheartedly agree that this is the most authentic and delicious pizza around.