Gutter Sense Review

gutter sense

We, homeowners, love our homes.  After a long day at work, we go home to our most comfortable place to be.  The thing is though, on weekends, who has time for all the maintenance and clean-up?? My husband is in charge of the exterior, so when we were asked to give Gutter Sense a try, he was more than happy to check it out.

Gutter Sense is an easy-to-use, lightweight gutter cleaning tool.  No more hanging unsafely off the ladder for my guy. He is standing on the ground and my heart isn’t skipping beats as he does his yard work.

My husband very quickly got the job done.  Once again, no ladder.  No injuries, scratches, or cuts.  The product fits very simply on an ordinary extension pole.  Since it is lightweight, it is easy to grasp and work with.  Oh, and it works on all the hard-to-remove muck, leaves, etc.

Here is another awesome thing about Gutter Sense.  It is made right here in the USA.  All parts, labor, and assembly are locally sourced. How great is that?!?

The price is perfect at $28.95.  This is your perfect gift for anyone, for any reason.   In fact, I just grabbed up a few to put aside for Holiday Gifts.

Certainly, you should check out Gutter Sense for your home today!