Men’s Skincare: Elina Organics Review

image of Elina Organics products

I hate to admit it but sometimes we have to stop and take care of the wonderful men in our lives.  I just gave my husband the gift of a manly spa day at home.  Check out these great products from Elina Organics we are really liking:

Probiotic Aftershave ($36):  This is a great probiotic blend that will calm and protect his skin. Lactic acid/acetic acid/malic acid hydrates and calms.  MSM increases collagen and helps with wrinkles and fine lines.  Sage reduces inflammation and Turmeric boosts skin healing.

Activated Charcoal Face Wash ($30): This is charcoal meets botanicals.  Nothing over-drying here; the hubby struggles in this department and said it was really a great product.   Extracts will reduce inflammation and help brighten the skin.  Really easy process; just apply to damp face and rinse with water.

Shielding Shave Butter ($25):  This was his FAVE.  It is super creamy and the perfect solution to stopping the after-shave irritation before it even happens.  Ingredients include cocoa butter, shea butter, castor oil, and papaya fruit.  Smells super yummy too, I want to add.  All he does is apply to his face/neck and then begin shaving.

You can also purchase these great Elina Organics items in a trio.  The complete shave set is the perfect gift and will cost you $91.00.

Check them out!