Top Healthy Drinks for 2022

We always try to cover healthy foods, and we’ve covered so many healthy foods, we decided to spin off a story on healthy drinks.  The criteria here is not drinks in terms of alcoholic drinks, but anything one might drink which is healthy for you.  Maybe they’re stand-alone drinks or drinks that you might add to your morning coffee.



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The Brothers Apothecary’s Magikal Mushroom with Dutch Cocoa is a nice and simple way to get the advantage of hemp along with protein. I don’t know if this made me feel any different, but people say the mushroom has a calming effect, and with all the insanity of teenage daughters, as well as Covid, I need all the help I can get. It’s super simple to make as it’s just two scoops and, boom, there you are.




Mooala makes dairy-free milk that they’ll deliver right to your door. What I love about them is that they have basically every popular type of non-dairy milk that’s out there. Almond, Banana Nut, Oak Milk…they have everything. Their mascot actually tells the story quite well.  He lives like a Koala but has spots like a cow.  So it’s milk from something related to a tree.  But considering the shelf life of non-dairy milk, I love that you can ship a box to your house and keep it going for a while.

Hershey’s A2 Milk

image of Hershey's a2 milk for Healthy Drinks article

A2 Milk is real milk, and in the case of the Hershey’s milk above, tastes like milk, but it only has the A2 Protein. Now, I’ve never heard of this before, but the A2 Protein has been studied to possibly help people who have stomach issues with milk. The Hershey milk above has just A2 Milk and Hershey Cocoa, so it really tastes amazing in your morning coffee. I’ve never thought that this could be an issue. But now that I see this, I find it fascinating that there’s a solution.



Uproot Teas has a Mood Booster Trio Tea Box  that is sure to fit the category of healthy drinks.  Each of the teas are small batches by independent farms and you can taste the difference. The green tea is definitely not the stuff you get in your local restaurant. But I also love that this particular combo stands out as those which help your mood.  This is a perfect match for your friend who is having a tough time and just needs a helping hand in raising their mood.


Willa’s Honest Goodness Oat Milk

image of Willa's Dark Chocolate Oat Milk for Healthy Drinks article

Willa’s is a dark chocolate oat milk made with single-origin cacao. This is for serious people interested in oat milk because it is definitely full of flavor. It’s not for sharing with your children because they really don’t deserve it. This is for when Mom has had a rough day and wants to add milk with flavor to her coffee.


willas oat milk
willas oat milk


Willa’s Kitchen makes oat milk from the whole oat. They pride themselves on living up to grandma Willa’s standards. Their milk has no added rapeseed or canola oil and only uses maple sugar to sweeten the milk. Compared to the average oat milk Willas has more than half the sugar and more the double the protein and fiber. As you know, my annoying aspiring vegan husband won’t drink milk; this is the only milk I’ll let him drink.

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