Else Nutrition: baby-toddler-kid food to grow on

Just like me, I am sure you worry constantly about the health of your little ones. Breastfeeding is great, but there comes a time when your child just needs more sustenance. Getting our first one to sleep through the night took cereal (and we only figured this out after 8 months!) He was hungry and couldn’t last on just milk.

Now, have you ever looked at the ingredients list of the regular baby- and toddler-cereal?! It is a nightmare! So now, with a second one on the way, we were desperately looking for healthy options that do not break the bank. And we found it in Else Nutrition!

image of else baby cereal

Else Nutrition offers clean, whole, balanced, and sustainable ways to feed your children. Made with whole food ingredients, like almonds, buckwheat, and tapioca. Their foods do not contain any dairy, gluten, soy, or chemicals. You just add a couple of tablespoons of the Else Super Cereal in a bowl, add the liquid of your choice (breastmilk, water, or formula), and you are ready to go!

Plant-powered Super Cereal for Baby

Else has baby cereals (6 months and up) in three different flavors: vanilla, banana, and mango ($6.99 for 7 oz). It’s the only baby cereal in the U.S. granted the Clean Label Project Purity Award!

Plant-based Complete Nutrition for Toddler

Their nutrition for toddlers (ages 1-3 years) comes in an original or omega variant. With over 20+ vitamins and minerals, unsaturated fats, fibers, and protein, you are sure to give your child what it needs to grow healthy and strong ($29.00 for 22 oz).

Plant-powered Kid’s Shake Mix

And then they have the shakes for kids (4 years+), in vanilla, chocolate, mango & chia, or banana & chia ($24.00 for 16 oz). This is ideal for active kids and picky eaters, so you’ll always be sure they’re getting the nutrients they need.

All of their products are clean label certified by the Clean Label Project Purity Award. The products are fully plant-based and fortified with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

You can get their products straight from their website. Or at any of the 900+ retailers, you can find the closest one to you through their handy map.