Review: New Kids Holiday Toy Musts!

Check out two new items your little one’s will adore this Holiday Season.  They come from Skyrocket Games and are super fun!  The hottest new toys are super easy to grab at Target!

Avalanche! ($14) is a great game for ages 4 and up.  This game is action packed and you get to blast through snow and ice with a spring launcher.  My kids basically ran into the room when they heard I was allowing them to point a blaster and shoot right at the dining room table (LOL)!  Whoever blasts the most blocks wins!  This is great to have on hand for the upcoming snow days we know we will have!  Easy to purchase right at Target. 

For the little diva in your life check out Crystalina Dolls ($13).  These are adorable little light up dolls that will be adored!  All you do to activate the illumination is shake the doll.  Each one hs a different primary color that brings with it their crystal power (love, wisdom, luck and healing).  The light patterns have different meanings like “be courageous” or “be kind”; such an important lesson especially these days!  The amulet can also be worn by your child and can be shared/traded amongst friends!

Check these great shopping options out now while you can easily grab them!