Review: Ronda’s Fine Foods


Ronda’s Fine Foods offers some really cool family recipe items that combine flavors from all over the world.  Ronda was raised in a home with food as the center.  She focuses on fresh ingredients, family recipes, and favorites, along with diverse cultures.  The result—really unique and delicious products.  These are small-batch and very premium in quality.

For your next party/gathering, you simply must try their Romesco.  This is a dip/sauce/spread made from California Almonds, Roasted Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Garlic, and Olive Oil.  You can use it quite simply with pita chips and vegetables as a dip.  That was the first thing we did and everyone in my house liked it.  You can pair it with grilled meats, poultry and seafood as well.  Think about this – a really cool way to jazz up your barbecues all summer long! You can mix it into your potato dishes, your pasta, or even a stew.  How about spreading it on your next hamburger or sandwich?  I got myself some nice crusty bread, grabbed some turkey, Swiss cheese, and arugula, and then used the Romesco as a spread.  I cannot express to you how delicious that was.

The cost of Ronda’s Fine Foods’ Romesco is $10 for a 9.4-ounce jar. They also offer a spicy option that adds chili powder, cayenne red pepper, and paprika.  You can enjoy it in the same ways as we suggested above, but with that fun extra heat or kick some of us adore.

Check them out!