I LOVE My Solera Hemp Hull Pillow!

solera sleep
solera sleep

Ladies and Gentlemen: I want to be honest.  I truly adore my bed.  Who doesn’t at the end of a hectic day?  It’s my oasis and I only want the best and luxury when I hit the sheets.  I was so, so excited to check out this amazing new pillow from Solera this week.  You simply must try it out too!

Solera Hemp Hull Pillow ($125.00):  This is the BEST gift ever for dads, grads, and even just yourself!  This company has taken the basic “hull pillow” and amped it up quite a bit.  They are made with organic hemp hulls and actually mold to your body/head/neck.  It is very supportive and the perfect combination of soft and firm.

I actually cannot stand memory foam pillows. I feel like they are supposed to cradle your head/neck and transport you off to sleep. But really they aren’t supportive at all and sometimes I wake up with a stiffness that I just don’t need in my life.  This pillow is the OPPOSITE.  You are completely supported and comfortable.  And…with summer here I just want to add that you get amazing airflow with this pillow and as a result, you will stay cool all night long.

I feel like I am in a therapy session.  The pillow does have a weight to it but it’s perfect.  You MUST try it!