Stasher Bags Review


Okay, so I know it is only the beginning of summer, but let’s talk about a great solution to wasteful plastic baggies for packing your child’s school lunch.  Actually how about for their camp lunches too! Stasher—this company designed a wonderful, quality product that eliminates your need for single-use plastic bags.

They are made from premium reusable silicone and have this cool leak-free “Pinch-Loc” seal.  I tried it and it really works well!  You can store things in them, cook with them, and even take them on the go.  And this cool fact kind of blew my mind—by using just one of these products you can actually save 260 single-use plastic bags each year.  They are microwave safe, stovetop safe, freezer-friendly, dishwasher safe, and oven safe too!

Here are a few of their items we love:

Go Bag ($19.99): This one is my favorite.  Pack up your favorite snack in seconds flat.  It has this cool clip on the side you can hook onto your purse, tote, backpack, etc.  Easy to grab whenever you need it.  Comes in cute colors too!

Snack Bag ($9.99): comes in many cute colors.  Perfect size for your child’s mid-day snack.  It holds 12 ounces.  It is fabulous.

Sandwich Bag ($12.99): comes in so many colors you won’t be able to choose just one.

Listen I just used one of the snack bags to hold my concealer in my purse.  No leakage or staining worries ever again.  So totally feel free to think outside the box.  Oh, and you can label them all with any dry erase or chalk marker!

Check out Stasher bags now!