Hippy Feet Socks Review

hippy feet
hippy feet

Hippy Feet Socks have invaded my home and I have to say we are loving them!

What is it about these wonderful socks worth talking about? Well… the company partners with some really great non-profit organizations like YEPP (Youth Empowerment Performance Project).  These organizations serve the homeless youth.  They donate 50% of the profits; how great is that!  Every purchase helps the youth and you get yourself an awesome pair of socks.  People are asking me where I got them!

They offer all sizes and styles of socks (ankle, quarter crew, crew, knee-high, and wool).  Men and Women’s styles.  And the collections are so super cute.  We received Amanita Crews: You get 3 amanita mushrooms on either side with wispy clouds in the background.  Price is $19.   We also received Smiley Face Crews (also $19) featuring the iconic golden smiley face logo.  I love the hippie flair that they have; I am actually smiling and happy putting my socks on in the morning. Who else says that!?!

So many other cute styles and options.  You can also hook someone up with a sock subscription—such a cool gift!  This is the Sock of the Month Club people and I would love getting a new pair of these cute socks each month.   Custom socks are available also!

Check out Hippy Feet Socks!