Swanwick Blue Light Glasses Review

image of swanwick blue light glasses

We are all basically reading or watching a device way more than we want to admit.  I actually sit sometimes to work on these product reviews and watch a show on my tablet at the same time.  Two devices at once! LOL Swanwick offers great blue light glasses that block the harmful blue light associated with devices and screens.   This can mean less eye strain and headaches, and you may even sleep better!

We love their Classic Night Swannies ($89) that block 99-100 percent of blue light at night so you can sleep better.  You can use your favorite device (tablet/reader, etc.) and still get the rest you need to wake up energized.  They come in three great colors (black, tortoise shell, and my favorite layered grey).  You can easily add your prescription right online and even virtually try them on!

Also really cool are their Innovator Day Swannies ($119):  These work wonderfully during the day and are for daytime computer users.  You will reduce eye strain and prevent computer vision syndrome.  You can work at your best level without worrying about eye fatigue.  Same here with the easy way to add your prescription.

Both of these options are comfortable too!  Check Swanwick Blue Light Glasses out now!