Review: Waterdrop Pitcher

These days we cannot be to safe with our drinking water.  Why overspend on cases of water bottles that just destroy our environment anyhow when we can have a much healthier solution?!

Waterdrop provides amazing home filtration options you will love.  This includes simple to use pitchers and reverse osmosis water filtration systems for your refrigerator, countertop, under the sink and outdoors.  They are easy to connect and you will wonder why you never used them before!  I am loving our new Elfin Water Pitcher ($23.99).  The filters reduce arsenic, fluoride, lead, chlorine, aluminum, iron, copper, mercury and other contaminants.  It has a smart LED filter life indicator on the lid so you are always aware of your water quality.  These products are NSF/ANSI 42 (reduces chlorine, taste and odor) & NSF/ANSI 372 (lead-free) Certified.  It is a nice, sleek shape so it will even fit on the door of your refrigerator.  When it is time to change the filter it couldn’t be easier and these last about five times longer than other brand filters.  The pitchers come in an array of sizes to offer options for any family size.  I just used mine this morning to make a deliciously free of the bad stuff cup of coffee.  No more excuses to not invest in quality water filtration any longer!

Check them out!