Revolution Toaster Review

revolution toaster

There is something exhilarating once you plug in the Revolution Toaster. Yeah, this sounds a bit like a fanboy,  but there is a feeling upon seeing it that makes one think that this is definitely a different toaster.

Sure it’s in the name that it’s a revolution and that does certainly sound cliché, but it’s just the overall look. It has this nice little sleek design, but the interactive front that makes it definitely unique. You can choose the type of thing that you are heating up, such as a bagel or English muffin or waffle or whatever.

Its built-in sensors allow it to read the status of the product you’re toasting to determine the exact toastiness of whatever you’re heating up.

Plus, when you press the button and watch the toast descend gracefully into the machine, well it’s quite eloquent.

How does it look?

It looks basically like a  traditional toaster but, that said, it definitely has a sleek look to it and really is the kind of thing that is a stand-out piece in your kitchen with this display.

How easy is it to use?

There was no start-up knowledge needed here as it’s a complete touchscreen. If your 3-year-old could use an iPad, they can use this. You touch the item, you touch whether it’s frozen and it keeps moving.

Does it toast food faster?

Absolutely, I noticed a big difference. In fact, I noticed that it heated up rather quickly and the timer/ringer at the end even made it seem like it went faster. Maybe that psychological feedback also helped it feel faster.

What was your favorite thing about it?

I loved the variety that you could literally do a pastry like a Pop Tart as well as a Panini sandwich.  We might be looking to get the Panini press ourselves from Revolution.

Do you recommend this as a gift?

Absolutely!  I recommend the Revolution Toaster as a gift. It is just such a standout piece and really is one of the best toasters that I’ve ever seen.