Rice Love Bags

image of Rice Love backpack and hip pack made of recycled rice bags

Rice Love bags are very unique and pretty. The backpacks are also very functional and have several storage compartments. The bag holds my laptop easily. It’s fashionable and colorful. I also love the hip pack. It fits my phone and keys easily. Great for hands-free traveling. It is also super cute and I really love it!

There are no two bags alike. Each bag is handmade, one of a kind. The recycled burlap pieces are from authentic Indian rice bags. Each bag is perfectly imperfect. Best of all, the company gives back rice to families in India and keeps the bags out of landfills.

Make sure to only hand wash your bag when necessary or spot wash.

Rice Love is a company that was born out of a passion to do good for people and the planet. According to their website, every item comes with a unique tag number that can be used to find the photo and story of the family that YOU have fed. For every bag Rice Love makes, 1 kilo of rice is hand-delivered to a family in need. They give 25 kilos at a time to each family.

Check out the great selection of Rice Love products on their website.

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