Rokform Case System

Rokform is a phone case system that gave me a perfect “aha” moment. At first, I kind of merged everything in my head. I thought of this simply as a product that was a case for my phone as well as something completely separate for hanging my phone in the car or on the bicycle.

rokform 1

I think the better way to think of Rokform is that it’s a system. It’s a complete system for the Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy that really goes above and beyond in protecting your phone. The trick of this whole system is that it has a magnet right in the back of the phone case. This is not just a regular magnet, but this thing is quite a powerful magnet. It’s the kind of thing that if you hang your phone up, it is not going anywhere. It is to some degree reminding me of those magnets in science class in high school. Once you stick your phone to this magnet, it is not going to move.

But I mentioned that this is a system. That’s why I took the full photo that you see. By building the system, it takes the place of other products, such as pop socket phone holders, bike mounts, or even car mounts. Everything fits within the Rokform system.

rokform 2

What you see in this photo is just the case, held next to the car’s air vent. I wanted you to see the powerful magnet inside the case, that is built within the case itself. Some people have car setups where the vent makes the most sense for the placement of your phone.

rokform 4

In this photo, you’ll see the phone hanging up just by the strength of the suction on the car window. I do have to say I’m usually nervous about such things. But in this case, it was pretty clear that this was quite sturdy.

At the risk of overburdening you with photo after photo, I did want to show you the sport ring and bicycle setup. The bike mount hooks directly to the bicycle itself so it is really unbelievably secure. Since you’re screwing the mount into the bicycle itself, obviously it’s not going anywhere. I loved the fact that this wasn’t simply a grip on the bicycle itself. It is directly screwed into it.

rokform 3

That same logic held to the action ring, which certainly is an easy replacement for anyone like me using the likes of a pop socket. It is going straight through to the other side of the case which makes it a much more secure device.

I had mentioned at the beginning of this story how I did not realize how much of a system it is and I think that’s the unbelievable selling point here. This is a setup that you will be using for this phone and for your next phone. I want to buy the magnet set up, so they are there forever. Anything that is sticker-based or that is based on the shape of your phone might change, but as long as you keep this magnet tight case, you have a system that is not going away.