Irvins Salted Egg Snacks

image of packages of irvins salted egg snacks

We are checking out some seriously different snack products this week from Irvins.  I warn you, Irvins Salted Egg snacks are very good and very different.

Back in 2009, Irvin Gunawan opened a restaurant in Singapore featuring his salted egg crab dish.  He started playing around with snack ideas using his egg sauce with potato chips.  A few years later, his snack chips were born!

How they are made:  His sauce contains real duck egg yolks. It is salt brined and then steamed/baked right into the chips.  You get hints of curry as well. Just very authentic and different. I had both of my kids try them. They were not willing at first (teens are special), but then in the end agreed they were pretty darn yummy.

Salted Egg Potato Chips: This is a classic potato chip, nice and thin with the egg sauce baked right inside.

Salted Egg Cassava Chips: These chips come from Yuca (a crunchy root vegetable) which is a great source of vitamin C, thiamine, and niacin.  I personally like these very much as I enjoy yuca and its health benefits all the time.  It is kind of my way to have a snack and still get some pretty awesome supplements into my body.  Win-Win for mom here.

Salted Egg Salmon Skins: How about chips/snacks made from salmon?  Here you are getting great protein and collagen.  They are also keto friendly.

Check out Irvins Salted Egg Snacks.  Very nice small batch snacking with whole ingredients you can be proud to eat.