Rolflex Pressure Massager

image of the Rolflex Pressure Massager and packaging

The Rolflex Pressure Massager is an awesome device for alleviating muscle pain in the arms and legs. The unique shape of the Rolflex fits perfectly over the muscle. It lets you put just the right amount of pressure on the muscle to feel comfortable and release the tension in it.  With two dual stability rollers, you can precisely move the device back and forth with a more balanced approach and pinpoint accuracy.

Unlike traditional foam rollers, the Rolflex does not use your body weight to apply pressure to painful areas. Instead, the Rolflex Pro has two arms you squeeze together to apply pressure to specific muscles (such as your quads). The Rolflex also lets you target hard-to-reach areas like elbows and knees.

Use the Rolflex in your warm-up routine to improve flexibility and reduce pain after a workout. Following an intense workout, the Rolflex is perfect to help the muscles cool down properly. This helps to avoid sore spots and tight muscles later on.

The rollers are made out of non-toxic, latex-free EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate — a type of sturdy, yet flexible foam). You can get them in medium-density (green), firm (yellow), or high-density (orange). The high-density roller is better at working into larger muscle groups (like quads), while the lower-density roller is better suited for more sensitive regions like forearms.

The Rolflex is just the right size to easily fit in a gym bag, so you can take it along to every workout!

You can get the Rolflex Pressure Massager for $79.95 on the official website. Or you can get it on Amazon for $89.95.