Top Tweets from Megan Coyne – Genius Behind the White House Viral Tweet

The White House Twitter went viral last night with its snarky comeback at Republicans, showing their overall hypocrisy. They were protesting student loan forgiveness and the White House Twitter pointed out the loans that they’ve had forgiven. And the mastermind behind this?  A young, smart woman from New Jersey named Megan Coyne.

She added a level of snark to the New Jersey Twitter account and in turn, helped Governor Phil Murphy completely turn around the dialogue.  It was embracing all that is Jersey: Pizza, Springsteen, and Sopranos, instead of shying away from those qualities.

But how to learn more about Megan than through her tweets? So in original Top Ten style, here are the top ten tweets from Megan.


1 – She is humble. Knowing your roots and appreciating them is such a wonderful thing.


2 – She is willing to prioritize pizza over Mom.


3 – She is showing us that getting the youth active in politics is a brilliant thing.


4 – She is on Twitter… Donald is not.


5 – I love that she is connecting Twitter culture with the real world that we live in.


6 – How real is this woman? I love that she’s open about dying her hair and what to do.


7 – This is probably her most revealing tweet as it shows her culture completely.


8 –  We think she might possibly, maybe, like Springsteen.


9 – We’ve all been there.


10 – I love this self-confession.

Congratulations, Megan Coyne, on your latest job appointment as Deputy Director of Platforms at the White House Office of Digital Strategy.