How Did That Get In My Lunchbox

With school just starting this week and my picky eaters already starting in with “whats for lunch” or “I want this for lunch mom” or “Jane had this for lunch today mom” it was a breath of fresh air to read How Did That Get In My Lunchbox after school yesterday with my children.
Author Chris Butterworth takes us on a colorful (Lucia Gaggiotti is brilliant with illustrations!) adventure of how what is in our lunchbox comes to be.  Before we put these healthy choices in our child’s lunchbox we purchased it at the grocery store; but what about before that?? My kids kept interrupting me and shouting out their suggestions; it was so cute!  They knew the bread on their sandwich was baked, but what about the farmer who grew the wheat and the miller who ground the wheat into flour.  That cheese they are eating? Well, first the milk comes from a cow, then cheese makers churn it, add to it, create curds, chop and block them and MONTHS (my daughter was shocked at this LOL) you have yourself some cheese.  Produce: who grows it, picks it, packs it and sends it to the store? How great this opportunity was to really teach my kids how many jobs are involved in popping that lunch into your mouth.  They were fascinated!  At the end of the book, Butterworth lists the food groups and what they do for your body.  My daughter the worst protein eater in the world promised to do much better now that she knows they are actually “body builders” and help you grow.  I truly loved this book and so did the kids!!

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