Safe Flash Personal Reflectors

With school and fall activities starting, It is certainly worth mentioning the scary statistic that the #1 cause of death in children 4-15 is being struck by a vehicle.  George Castelle, owner of “Safe-Flash Personal Reflectors” has expertly come up with a way for us to protect our kids 1-2-3 for “less than a penny a day”.  These reflectors are peel and stick style and ultra light weight, shatterproof, weather proof and so easy to clean.  I immediately put one of the samples we were sent on my kid’s backpacks and if I want to use them somewhere else they peel off easily (velcro) and can be put anywhere else.  These are great for walking your pet at night by placing them on a leash (we were sent a super cute dog bone style), stick them on umbrellas, hats (anyone bike after dinner like I do!): 500% visibility in two seconds.  Safe-Flash Personal Reflectors are available in red, white, yellow, blue and green and can be ordered in custom shapes, custom color combinations and with custom printing (your business or school PTA logo!).  These are a great fundraiser: Castelle offers to send samples to your school and you can run a fundraiser at wholesale prices!  What a great and safe way to earn money for your school selling a product our kids will really benefit from!

Safe-Flash reflector shapes are sold online at  Individual shapes cost $2-3 each while packages of 3 retail for $4.99 and a 6-pack is $9.99.  Free shipping is offered to anyone in the USA.  Such a super impressive new item!

safe flash

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