My Buckle Mate

In the back seat of a mini van you could literally find anything: cheese doodles, goldfish, empty water bottles.  Usually the only thing we cannot find is the “floppy” buckle which constantly gets stuck in the crease of the seat making you fast paced “on the go” lifestyle one step harder.  Entrepreneur and mom of three, “Meghan” has come up with a super solution and makes the buckle process much easier!  “My Buckle Mate” will help your child safely buckle independently; it fits in tight spaces and so secure that you can move the seats in your car without taking Buckle Mate out.  No more wedging and falling for my car!  This is one handed buckle action people; helps your child get the job done quickly and helps us tired moms and dads (dare I say who are arthritic) get everyone safely where they have to go without any frustration.  Installation is as easy as 1-2-3.  Simply fully separate both sides of My Buckle Mate, fit your car’s buckle around each side and click to install.  My Buckle Mate fits in cars, SUVs and Minivans (check out the website for a list of vehicles.  This is expertly priced at $14.99 for a two pack and comes in red, black, white, cream and grey.  The company offers a 30 money back guarantee; but you won’t return it: in my house we cannot imagine driving without it.

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