The Ollie Swaddle

The swaddle is so warm, so safe and so inviting to pretty much every infant out there.  My two children adored being swaddled; it helped them sleep through the night and I as a new mommy felt comfortable knowing they were sleeping safely without worry of the blanket coming loose or near their tiny faces.  I will say this; it wasn’t super easy to swaddle my son or daughter; a lot of the time their legs would come loose, or they were either too warm or not warm enough.

Enter the Ollie Swaddle; developed by Hindi, a loving woman who worked with foster infants and whom was striving to develop a comfortable option to help little Ollie begin to thrive so he would be adopted.  This innovative swaddle did the very trick and now the “Ollie” is available for our purchase.  The Ollie has some super key features that makes it far superior than other blanket options out there.  It is made from moisture-wicking material (polyester, spandex and yarn dyed jersey) which reduces over heating and keeps your little one cool and comfy.  It contains elasticity so that your baby has the ability to move.  The Ollie features Velcro that allows you to customize the tightness based on need and size of your infant.  It also grows with your baby; no more buying bigger sizes.  Your baby will sleep soundly, longer and with reduced irritation and distress.  My fave features is the opening at the bottom that allows for diaper changes.  No more waking the baby or having to disrupt the perfect swaddle!

Please check out for more information and countless parent and expert testimonials.  The reviews are amazing! The Ollie Swaddle comes in two color options: pink and blue and retails for around $48.00.  Super easy to wash on delicate cycle and dry on low.  This is a super duper infant necessity!  Please check out this amazing product and the awesome story behind it!

The Ollie Swaddle



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