Santa Fe for Families

We sent our writers to Santa Fe to check out and see how family friendly the city can be. Fortunately we’ve found beyond it being a Foodie Capital, quite a lot for kids.

Below we hit some of our highlights and really went in depth on each one in a YouTube video.

Meow Wolf
An art exhibit that is so much more. An entire destination.

Cowgirl Barbeque
It looks like barbeque  at first but inside the quality is really high end.

Skate School
Looking for something unique to do with the kids? Jump start them on skating.

Kakawa Chocolate House
One of the most unique chocolate places we’ve seen and the best Hot Chocolate.

Georgia O’Keefe Museum
The docents here are incredible. As you can see in the video, they really took the time with our daughter.

Harrell Bug House
Looking for something to do while at the mall, or during a rainy day. Here’s a unique idea.

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