I sort of need more oomph in my step!

I feel tired all the time; this job and these kids are kicking my butt!  Plus, I hate to admit I am feeling my growing age.

The hubby suggested more vitamin supplements.  I don’t adore when he is correct so I won’t tell him but I will tell you that I have been trying a new product called The Synergy Company and they are truly worth blogging about!  These are made from actual proven “anti-aging foods”.  Here is what I have been trying so far so that maybe they will spark interest in one of you!

Cell Protector helps us get rid of the toxins that invade our DNA.  I take two of these babies a day and they are chock full of  so many antioxidants like radish and artichoke juice.  I have no side effects from them and I know my body is getting stuff that it NEVER was before!

For your heart and skin health I am trying out Superpure Resveratrol Extract.  I take one of these a day and they contain awesome things like Japanese Knotwood (also in wine!)

Ok; now to my absolute favorite: Berry Power.  This one contains over 20 super-fruits for daily strength and well-being.  This one I can no longer live without! It might be the most amazing powder I have ever in my life mixed with water.

Also available is their Pure Radiance C which is replacing our usual Vitamin C supplement for sure.  120mg of C plus other amazing extracts like Camu Camu are surely getting my body back in a healthy line.

Seriously; I don’t usually brag about vitamins but these are changing our lives!   Do your body a favor!





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  1. I love organic berry powder. It’s helpful for the heart, eyes, and brain. Also helpful for boost immune system. It’s including organic vitamin C.

    We at Dr. Cowan’s Garden offers powerful vegetable powders: kale, chard, leek and root/leaf/fruit blends. We are a family owned business that would like to bring the highest quality products to you and your family.

    Website: https://www.drcowansgarden.com/

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