Scent NY Tower Diffuser Review

image of scent NY tower diffuser

I have been a BIG fan of diffusing essential oils for years now. I have pretty much bought and tried every darn diffuser mechanism out there including travel battery-operated ones (yes…I just have to have diffusers everywhere I go). This week I am putting the Tower Diffuser ($229.99) from Scent New York to good use.

I am so impressed with this tower diffuser, I most likely will not use another one again. This is a gorgeous, sophisticated tower that provides noiseless, safe diffusing. It comes in black, silver, gold, and dark silver. This is your go-to for home scenting—it will keep your favorite smells consistent throughout the day. Mine is set to run on and off throughout the day. Currently, my living room smells like pumpkin pie heaven. My son actually thought I was baking, LOL.

My favorite features include there being no water necessary (so many times the water just makes a mess anyhow), no heat required (no danger to forget you have it on), and finally no residue (some of my other diffusers have rings/stains from oils). This is just premium diffusing with no mess or worry.

Couldn’t be better! Perfect for your home, office, or business. When I walk through my living room and bedroom it’s like walking through an elegant hotel lobby!