School is coming and I am packing bags and getting ready!

Is that the bus I hear? Ok ok….maybe not.  But let’s be serious; we are all hypocrites if we don’t admit we want the kids back into routine.  I know mine are certainly better adjusted that way!

My job allows me to check out some cool stuff; here is a little bit about some of them!

Need a great writing instrument? Have an interview? Maybe you are ready to impress? Check out the amazingly chic selection of pens from Faber-Castell .  I have one of their n’ice pens and it is so comfortable in your hand you actually forget it’s a beautiful source of ink!  This pen comes in six colors (I have an awesome shiny silver) and the cap has a hook that works great with my PTA agenda book.  The ink flow is really smooth and you just twist to get the process started!  They have other really awesome options and I wanna mention these would be a great gift for the new HS or College student.  Price points and quality are second to none!

How about a new pair of shoes for the first day? Bangs Shoes are a really comfortable brand and will help prepare you for whichever adventure life may bring you!  The word “bangs” means help in Mandarin and that is what this brand does; they focus on lifting up others!  I have been sporting the “Everest Ice High Top” and I have to say while being super comfy so many people are asking me where I got them!  Really great price point for a good pair of kicks; around $60.00.  Oh; and color options galore!

How about some great new lunch gear?!? My diva will be bringing her new “GO2” lunch container on day one complete with their very own shiny fork and spoon.  Yup; it has utensils included.  This is an airtight container and each section is watertight.  The kid has ZERO excuses now for “food touching each other”.  The Company is big on alternative, safe, BPA free products.  Makes me feel good about what my child is being exposed to.  This will run you around $29 and is dishwasher safe.

FInally, how about a great drink to go with the lunch? We are testing out Fruit Shoot’s; especially their new “fruit punch” flavor.  These are all natural juice drinks with zero added sugar.  Yup; I said zero.  Wild Berry Grape and Fruit Punch are the faves in this house.  Only the best ingredients and nothing fake at all.

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