Stress vs. Herbal Tea For Me!

Work is stressful.  Kids are stressful.  I need me some ZEN and fast and I realize that the “over caffeinated” me isn’t working at all.  It actually makes it worse!  I decided to try out some great herbal teas from DAO Labs and I am never going back!  The samples I am lucky to give a whirl cater directly to our needs and can be added to hot or cold water.  Literally all you do is pour them in, stir them up and you are well on your way to amazingness!  This product carries the philosophy of Ancient Chinese Medicine and promote balance, harmony and health!  How can you go wrong?

I am adoring their “Women’s Formula” and really helps during that “time of the month”.  This is a yummy mix of raspberry and pepper and you simply must try for your next bout of cramps and pain!  Next up (and quite honestly I don’t know how I lived without it) is their “Emotional Balance” supplement which includes apple and cucumber. Say goodbye to fatigue, tension and worry.  It is  really refreshing and kind of puts me back where I belong.  If you suffer from tummy troubles you will love their “Digestive Harmony” which is orange meets my personal favorite “chai”.  I have tried up against acid reflux as well as the “over indulgence” and I am quite happy with the results!  Finally, and this one is perfect for the upcoming cold months: “cold and allergy”.  This is pear plus ginger and wonderful to help defend against pollen, the “cold season” and crowds in general!  Think airplane defense!

Each of these products are really delicious, really easy to prepare and really helpful!  They have such a calming effect on me!

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