Scratch Pantry Essentials

I am such a fan of baking and always looking for a healthier way to eat the sweets we all adore.  Check out Scratch Pantry Essentials for the healthy + delicious win!

These products are sugar free, all natural, low carb, keto/paleo/vegan/vegetarian friendly.  They are gluten free and diabetic friendly.  Usually that means they aren’t good (LOL).  But people…these really are good!

Today my daughter and I baked their chocolate cake mix.  Really simple: water/softened butter and 3 eggs and you are on your way.  Mix/Bake and all done!  I couldn’t believe how fluffy and moist it was out of the oven.  We then began working on their chocolate sprinkle frosting mix.  Again – very easy because all you need is water/softened butter and 1/2 the bag of mix.  You then combine and frost your cake.  I used an electric hand mixer to make it more of a whipped consistency.  If you use coconut oil instead of butter you can have a great vegan option here as well!  One more time I have to say I was blown away by the taste/quality.  They have other great options as well like loaf mixes/cookies/sprinkles/various cake mix flavors and more!  I am personally going to buy the birthday cake mix and see if I can get the kids to enjoy this much healthier alternative to their favorite store brand.

You can actually “have your cake” here and “eat it too”!  I implore you to please try them out!