SkimBe Disc Toy

I would like to introduce you to the most important water toy you will own this summer.  We are loving SkimBe  ($20) and want you all to have one as well.  This past weekend I brought this amazing disc toy to my sister’s barbecue and everyone had a blast!  This lightweight and brightly colored disc will slide/skip/jump on basically any water surface.  This is like the 2021 version of skipping rocks.   It is made from polyurethane foam and resists microbes (thank GOD in this scary world we now live in).  Color options include blue, pink, orange and green!

You can pack this very easily and bring with you to the pool, lake, beach etc.  I actually pointed out that I really believe my kids could enjoy this in the snow this winter as well!  It is kind of like a really well made frisbee but could legit be used for any game.  Check out the video below and get your family inspired to try it out!

Another option is their Skim To The Pin Game ($40) where you use the pin to gauge who skimmed the disc closest to the pin.  Check these great toys out!