The Skinny Confidential – Hot Shave Razor and Ice Queen Face Oil

Does shaving your face sound wrong or something you don’t think of a woman doing ?

Skinny Confidential has a great product for you!

There are actually benefits to shaving your face.   It helps makes your skin smoother, and removes dead skin cells.

It’s a form of skin care and also helps get rid of peach fuzz.   Your makeup will apply more evenly.

While using the hot shave razor be extra careful so you don’t take off your eyebrow.  It is a razor after all.

You can use the razor cold by putting it in the freezer or fridge.   Test which way you prefer.    Some people like the razor colder.

When you ready to use start with small motions, short strokes carefully use your razor to shave your face.   The razor could be used with or without shaving cream.

Again,  keep in mind that the razor is really, really sharp so be extra careful.

The razor last for a few uses however clean with alcohol after each use.

The pink razor comes in cute packaging.

Use the Ice Queen oil after the shave to tighten and cool the skin.  The ice queen face oil does not feel greasy.

It nourishes and moisturizes.   It is infused with super foods such as blueberry, pomegranate and raspberry seed oil.

For more information or to purchase click on the link.



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