Simpli Press – French Press Coffee Maker

image of French press coffee maker by simpli press

Why choose Simpli Press French Press Coffee Maker? Making coffee more flavorful and rich truly makes a difference in your enjoyment level. Not all French presses are made the same. Of course, this coffee lover has tried a few.

After using several coffee-making devices, I found most were messy and took a long time to brew the coffee or it tasted too watery. The Simpli Press is simply different.  To enumerate, it is easy to use, brews the coffee quickly, makes no mess, and most importantly, the coffee has a great flavor. The press looks very pretty and the handle allows for ergonomic pouring. The brewing lines are clear and concise. The smart filter allows for a customizable brew—it has a double filter for use of finer grounds. This gives the coffee an ultra-smooth taste as a result.

Grit-free coffee and easy cleanup are huge benefits and non-negotiable. It brings out the great flavor of coffee. These are the reasons I love the Simpli Press and would give it as a gift.

The Simpli Press French Press Coffee Maker is made with stainless steel, silicone, and borosilicate glass. Visit the website for how-to videos. The press is great for hot or cold brew coffee. You can also use tea leaves if that’s your preference.

In addition, as a woman-invented and co-founded company, 10% of the net profits from every purchase is donated to woman-focused causes.

Check out the website for more information and how you can order your Simpli Press.